Friday, September 7, 2012


I stumbled upon this today and it seemed to speak directly to my heart. In these tough times that we are facing, it occurs to me that perhaps I need to make some choices. Make some changes. Get motivated. Be useful. Excel. Pick myself up. Listen to what I say. And tell the rest to sit down and shut up. Or better yet...just go away. Because while the struggles of the outside world CONTROL me...I should never let them CONSUME me. 

Because I have the power to choose. And I AM choosing. Better. Stronger. More. Sooner. Bigger. Bolder.
I choose to love my family, embrace my faith, express my passion, explore my creativity, and cultivate my soul. I choose to nurture my friendships, but release the pains that have held me back from being who I want to be. I choose to let go of the ties that have bound my heart....allowing it to finally roam, free and unencumbered and happy. For I feel as if my wanderlust has finally managed to accept it's place in a corner of my world.
So today...what will YOU choose? To keep? To let go? To tuck away in a box? To give back to the world?
It's all yours to decide....but listen to your inner voice. Not the random opinions of others. Because they are wrong. And they need to sit down and shut up.