Sunday, July 27, 2014

Annual Summer/Fall Fun List!...

We have been super busy here...having fun, making memories, and enjoying sunshine. I can't believe that in one short week we will be back to school, back to reality, back to schedules and planners, and back to squeezing the fun times in between responsibilities and real life. BORING!

And while we got A TON of things done this summer...we still have A TON of things coming up....and A TON of things to do this fall. YAY!

We had a *few* unexpected set backs, expenses, and downpours. And we also had a *few* blessings, gains, and rainbows. My sweet boy puppy Zero had a major urinary infection and back injury..that vet visit was a rough one. Our faithful (or at least paid for) vehicle had a little hiccup..that repair was a rough one (Kudos to my hubby though for fixing it! And thanks to really great friends for the assist!). And a few weeks of unemployment..that was a rough one. The good stuff just keeps pouring in though...more on all that later.

For now, I want to share our Fun List...all the things we've done, we want to do, and we're going to do.

*4-H Project and Fair. (COMPLETED! And she got a blue ribbon!)
*Marching Band. Competitions. State Fair. (COMPLETED! The band placed 10th overall!)
*Tennis Camp. (COMPLETED!)
*Family Reunion in Wisconsin. (COMPLETED!)
*Mother/Daughter Photo Outing with Film Cameras.
*New School Year and New Semester. (COMPLETED!)
*Go to Kings Island.
*Begin Project Life Album.
*Jubilee Days as Photographer. (COMPLETED!)
*Writing Workshops. (COMPLETED! and ongoing)
*4th of July BBQ with Family and Friends. (COMPLETED!)
*Camping Road Trip.
*Connor Prairie.
*Richmond Mudhens Game.
*Indianapolis Indians Game.
*Work Concession Stand at Indianapolis Colts Game.
*Picnic. (COMPLETED!)
*Back to School Shopping. (COMPLETED!)
*Farmers Market. (COMPLETED! All Summer.)
*Make Strawberry Freezer Jam. (COMPLETED!)
*Build, Plant, and Sustain a Garden. (COMPLETED!)
*Have Garage Sale. (COMPLETED!..well, almost.)
*Make Quote Stones.
*Paint Letters for Wall.
*Update Website. (Be looking for this to be completed upon return from Wisconsin.)
*Open Etsy Shop. (Almost ready.)
*Complete Cookbook Project.
*Begin Hope Chest Project.
*Update Family Tree/Genealogy Project.
*Read. Create Book Review Blog. (COMPLETED! Follow along at
*Father/Daughter Tennis Competition.
*Watermelon Party. (COMPLETED!)
*Make Homemade Ice Cream. (COMPLETED!)
*Camping Sleepover Party.
*Unplug Day. (COMPLETED! Twice.)
*Sunday Game Nights.
*Family Water Fight.
*Take Family Photos.
*Antique Shopping/Junking. (COMPLETED!)
*Outdoor Movie Night.
*Go to Drive-In.
*Road Trip to Jungle Jim's and IKEA.
*Traveling Paper Craft Party with G, S, J, N, and Mama.
*Glee Marathon with Small.
*Make Wind Chimes.
*Paint Driftwood Intention Sticks.
*Canoe Trip. (COMPLETED!)
*Make Homemade Laundry Soap and Dryer Balls. (COMPLETED!)
*Set Up Recycling Station. (COMPLETED!)
*Make Homemade Cleaning Products: Establish "Green" Home.
*Begin Canning/Set Up Pantry. (COMPLETED!)
*Complete Photo Challenges on Instagram. (COMPLETED! See them at
*Begin Family Bible Study.
*Paint Spirit Rocks for Yoga Space.
*Make Rain Chain and Rainwater Collection Barrel.
*Make Dream Catchers.
*Learn How to Cross Stitch.

That's a whole bunch of stuff! It's been an amazing summer so far..and it just keeps getting better! I, for one, can't WAIT for fall...and more fun stuff and quality time with my peeps.

Working on a post updating the planner notes and schedules. Check back soon for that!

I truly hope everyone is staying safe, counting their blessings, maximizing the good times, minimizing the bad times, and living life to the fullest! Life is so great...take advantage of it.

Be gentle and loving with yourselves.