Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Up?..

Howdy and Hey! Wow it's been awhile since I've been here. I've just been soooo busy. That's such a lie. I haven't been busy..I've been on Pinterest. Holy Schamolie...what a time waster sucker. Yeah...I could maybe need an intervention.
Cue August! (Yikes! Where has the summer slipped off to?) I will be doing a fantabulous photography project starting August 1st. I am so excited to get creative!! And Small is helping me...she's undoubtedly thrilled. ( Be checking out the Eos Photography know you want to!) Otherwise...upon viewing the command center...August does look a little hectic. You know...that last minute getting ready for school rush. I know that there are some travel plans in the works, a photography session, a retirement celebration, and a high school reunion! Add a few doctors appointments, a couple of VIP birthdays, grocery shopping, and another round of puppy shots....August is smokin in my little corner of the universe...and I don't just mean the temperature outside!
News from my world....just finished a couple of wonderful books...let's have a review! (Newly in just now started book club...Bananas Bookshelf! Catchy right?) *What Would Audrey Do?*: Audrey as in Hepburn. No lie..I love her. (From the 'blurb'...WWAD is a complete Audrey primer, with rich anecdotes and insights from the people who knew her best, and Audrey-inspired lessons on love and dating, beauty, style, raising children, creating a home, chic travel tips, success, and generosity.) It's all about tackling life's problems with Hepburn grace and style. Read it. Now. *The Power Of A Praying Wife*: Fact that I am NOT a wife aside, this book did offer me alot of insight on how to pray..and pray correctly...for the relationship that I have and the relationship that I want. It was a little schmaltzy at times...and occasionally a little too 'King of the Castle' for me...but all in all I walk away with a new insight. That's the important part. right now I have on my nightstand the following ~ mindless pitter patter fiction (John Grishom, Emily Giffen, and James Patterson--beach reading), a diet book (that I intend to read and follow beginning August 1st), the Percy Jackson series (that I received for Christmas..gotta fill the Potter void!), and The Bible. Expect further book reviews in forthcoming blogs.
Oh! I got a surprising email a few days ago. Funny how random my life is sometimes. I am withholding sharing  more right now...but I am praying for change, for honest revelation, and for strength. To You: Keep the faith, best wishes, and thanks.
Just a little sadness to share. As many of you know, I have been a raving lunatic lately. My hormones are completely whack...I cried during a commercial for Winnie the Pooh the other day for crickets sake. (And don't even get me started on all the bawling during the final Harry Potter.) I have hot flashes that would make the Devil himself move to Antarctica. I can't sleep and when I do it's interrupted and restless. Oh...and I'm cranky. Really. Really. Cranky. And if that wasn't enough....I am in constant pain.'s the new medical plan of attack...for the next three months I am on hormone/ovary suppression therapy (fancy speak for birth control pills.). Then...removing the ovary. Followed by...menopause. While I thought originally this was the course of action that I wanted...I now find myself depressed at the thought of menopause before I'm 40...the loss of children I can't have (and don't even want)...and the possibility that this may not even fix whatever is wrong. This is only complicated by the fact that my brother is having another baby. While I am OVER THE MOON happy for them (and so excited to be an Aunt again!) still tugs at my heartstrings a little.
Moving on!! I also want to let you know that beginning August 1st, I will be focusing more on this little ole blog..and providing insight and inspiration once again (hopefully daily..but no promises.)! I have gotten away from my journey for awhile...but I'm back...and ready to tackle that brambly overgrown potholed path to peace and harmony!
Now that I have written a novel...bottom line...August is HAPPENING!! Both blogs will be jam packed with new ideas, creative endeavors, and exciting events! Are you IN?? Just say will be FUN! If it ISN' can kick me in the shins or something!..but have I ever let you down? I didn't think so!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Life lately...

Jiminy and Crickets I've been busy. And quite honestly I'm exhausted! Hey...has anybody seen Sleep? Cause he seems to have taken an extended vacation or forgot my address or got mortally wounded by Insomnia. Stupid Sleep. Imma gonna kick his ass.
I'm sure THIS doesn't have anything to do with it:

Yep...that's the new baby girl puppy Windy. She's cute right? Uh-huh...she whines. A little. OK..a lot. I think she actually might have scared  Sleep away..
Or maybe it's that ill tempered old pal of mine...Kidney Stone. Yeah...she made a bitchin appearance last week. Spent the night in the Emergency Room..haven't been right since. Of course...I haven't really slowed down much either...perhaps I need to settle in the sand for awhile tomorrow? Hmmm.
I will have to let you know!