Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Holy July...

I really did have every intention to begin another blog challenge this month....I found a great one that I was actually a little bit anxious and excited about.
But...then...you know...life happened. Not an excuse. Just the facts. Truthfully....I could catch it up and start it whenever I wanted to...and maybe I still will...or maybe I will just take the month off, lay low, relax, and enjoy my summer without the added pressure.
In the meantime I wanted to stop by...say hello...and fill you in on what's been happening.
Hello. And nothing.
I did some inventory of my life recently...and sometimes in the hard decisions, you make mistakes. I've made my share. And I've owned up to them, admitted them, and apologized for them. Am I ready to take steps backward? Nope. But...in the moving forward process, you have to be willing to let go of some things, open up to new experiences and adventures, and actually move forward.
What all that means is....just because you shut the door, doesn't mean you have to lock it.
Things may never be what they once WERE....people change, relationships change, needs change. But love doesn't change. Hearts don't change. Memories don't change.
You just learn to make NEW ones.
Sure..this time around I'll be more cautious. I'll listen to my gut. I'll take different people along for the ride (like people who WANT to be there and can appreciate the journey.). I'll spill my secrets a little more secretly. I'll stand up for myself. I'll leave the drama and toxicity on the shore. I'll keep my heart under lock and key. I'll listen more and talk less. I'll offer less of myself....and therefore give more of myself. And I'll do it all willingly.
Lessons learned.
It's been a crazy few days.
Hopefully I can find some time to get started on something creative soon....or at least give you a reason to keep coming here. Wouldn't want to have you running off or anything!
For now...sending thoughts, well wishes, healing vibes, good mumba ga juju, tons of prayers and a heaping steaming pile of love to y'all. (Especially to one recently less a gall bladder!) Hang in there...take care of you...and have a great (safe) week.

See ya on the flip flop side!!