Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Currently..Year End..

READING... Ender's Game. Begrudgingly. (A Request From My Hubby.)

PLAYING... (Ashamed) Candy Crush Saga.   

WATCHING...  Cooking Channel and Food Network.

TRYING...  New Things.

COOKING...  Rarely.

EATING...  Gluten Free and Mostly Non Processed. (Or Trying To.)

DRINKING...  More Water, Less Wine.

CALLING...  The Shots.

TEXTING... Incapable. Living Off The Cell Phone Grid.

PINNING...  Anything, Everything, All The Things. But Not HER Things.

TWEETING...  Only To Actual #Birds. No Time For Twitter.

CRAFTING...  Challenged. Right Now..A Wreath, Holiday Gifts (sshhh), and Business Stuff.

SCRAPPING...  A Recipe Book For Small.

DOING...  Better. Mostly.

GOING...  Probably to Hell.

LOVING...  Warm Fires, Strong Coffee, and Them.

HATING... Cold. Cold Weather, Cold Feet, Cold Puppy Noses on Bare Skin.


ENJOYING... Peace, Quiet, and Freedom From Toxic Bullshit. 

THINKING... How Lucky I Am.

FEELING... Blessed.

HOPING (FOR)... World Peace and Universal Domination. 

LISTENING (TO)... Snow Falling.

CELEBRATING... Success. And Another Year of Great Love.

SMELLING... Wood Burning In The Fireplace.


CONSIDERING... Resolutions.

FINISHING... Shopping.

STARTING... School.

And that's really it.
Blessings, much love, joy, peace, and Happy Everything!....from my home and heart, to yours.
See you on the snow boot side.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What The Snow?..

It has been brought to my attention, in a not so subtle way, that I am "a little behind on my blogging, for fucks sake"! True. But you know how my life is....a whole string of nothingness followed by a whirlwind of crazy everythingness. The past few months have been no exception.

So, if you are here..and reading this...I am left to assume that you still give a shit, want to know the gory details, are a batshit crazy stalker (Yeah..I'm talking to YOU.), are supremely bored, snowed in, boycotting Facebook, or can't sign on to Pinterest. Whatever the case...let me fill you in on what's been happening in my little corner of Paradise.

My sweet little family made some very difficult and heartfelt decisions this fall. We went over our finances and determined that someday we wanted to break into home ownership. That dream turns virtually impossible when faced with the challenges of doing the right thing, being responsible, and giving more than we have. We live well within our means..have learned to scale back and do without (so that others don't have to)..and ask for very little. But, the sad reality is that we could not continue to pay rent (on a postage stamp home that was too small for our needs) and still save for a home of our own. So...times being what they are...we moved in with family. I am thankful for the opportunity...but it is an adjustment. And it's hard. Sucking it up though...because I know that the end gain is worth the temporary inconvenience.

And I learned long ago that it doesn't matter WHERE you live....as long as you are with the people you love. And I certainly am.

My health has been teetering on the downside for awhile now. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease...but that has done little to fix the underlying problems. I have changed my diet, live restricted, and take the prescribed medication...but the bad days still outnumber the good. It's unfortunate...but for now, it is my reality. There is talk of a new diagnosis...but I await a visit to yet another doctor and more tests to confirm that suspicion. Meanwhile, a long suffering knee injury has decided to make an appearance....and that may require some surgery to rectify. AND..as if that all wasn't enough..I have somehow injured my back, requiring three times a week visits to the local Physical Therapist. Fun times!

On a super positive note, Eos Photography has had an amazing transformation! I am infinitely blessed to be able to do what I love, when I want, and to share it with others. I have been busy building websites, creating art, and networking. I was lucky enough to get invited to some amazing local craft shows...and was able to enjoy some moderate success. Not to mention that I met some really great folks and made new clients and friends. I have been hard at work keeping that portfolio flush with images....ready to tackle the new year. If you are interested, you can check out the new website at http://eosphotography.weebly.com/ and, as always, you can visit me on the Eos blog. Drop me a line and let me know you stopped by.

Husband and I celebrated an anniversary recently. Kept it fairly low key...dinner, a movie, a little Christmas shopping. It was just nice to spend some quality time with him and engage in a little PDA. Thanksgiving was a lovely affair this year, quiet and filled with love. Small got in on the cooking action, we tried a few new recipes, and everyone got to take a little nap on the couch in front of the fire. Sometimes its just nice having everyone at home and under one roof....ya know?

We are expecting another litter of sweet little mini weenies sometime in January. Small is maintaining a straight A average in school this year. I am slowly, but surely, plugging away on that book of mine. And I just recently decided to go back to school. I haven't made any OTHER decisions about that...just that it's happening. (so don't ask.)

So now you all know. And now I'm all updated. So stop bitching.
But I'm sure....with the holidays and all....that I will have plenty to bitch and snark about soon. I know how much you've missed it. In the meantime, don't do anything I wouldn't do. Should leave you with plenty of options.

See ya on the snow boot side. (That's like the flip flop side...but colder. Brrrr.)