Parental Advisory

If you're looking for one of those sweet mouthed, craftypalooza, politically correct, hunky dory syrupy gooey mommy should keep looking. This ain't it. BUT...if you're looking for a big heaping dose of reality with a side of hilarity all wrapped up with cynicism...then I'm so your gal!
Here you will find a nice little mix of insightfulness, thoughtfulness, hatefulness, bitchiness, and messiness. All the makings of a dysfunctional...but really unbelievably I'm not out to make friends or win people over. I'm just telling it like it is..and hoping for the best. You either love me or hate me...maybe sometimes even a little of both. It's OK...I understand. Actually..I don't even really care. Charming..aren't I?
So join me or don't...either way, don't get all bunched up and offended. It's a blog..not the Bible. Just have a little fun.