Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One Thousand Gifts...

Blessed New Year! Since it has been so very long since we've talked, please allow me a moment to reflect on the year now spent.

In September, I promised you I was going to write more. And I did. It was a difficult decision to not post here, but it was made because I didn't feel that I had anything substantial or worthwhile to share. It is possible, in retrospect, that I was mistaken. I have made some very meaningful and significant changes in my life...I have learned how to practice mindful meditation, learned to share (and express) love and gratitude, and learned how to creatively channel my faith. It has been a year of slowing down, absorbing all the moments, and taking absolutely nothing for granted.

Which brings us to today! I, I embark on a journey of writing, witnessing, and wishing. And the best way I know to do all of that is to challenge myself to do all of that. So, I invited my dear cousin...the most wonderful, beautiful, gifted, and authentic person I join me on a year long blogging journey.

Because we are both fans of Ann Voskamp, we felt it only appropriate to follow her One Thousand Gifts joy dare. (I dare YOU to read her book if you haven't already. It, without a doubt, changed my life.) It's pretty simple really...every day for the year, we find and share 3 things that bring us joy. Three God given blessings. Whatever they are, however silly or simple or insignificant. And, lucky for us, there just happens to be daily prompts...

Now, we chose to begin it 11 days in...rather than overwhelming ourselves trying to catch up. We discussed it, made a plan, and then I promptly forgot to log in the post. It happens. So...I bring you my one day at a time. (And PLEASE follow my sweet girl on HER journey as well....Sheila at Saturday Morning Confusion. You'll be glad you did!)

Day 11: 3 Yellow Gifts of Fresh Mercy
Sunshine. Easy right?
Lemons. Because, lemonade.
Daffodils. No more winter! On to spring! Bring me sunshine!

Day 12: Something Above, Below, Beside
Above me is magic. Heaven, the Creator, clouds, possibility, promise, hope. Written here, that sounds much more poetic and romantic versus saying above me hangs my ever daunting to do lists.
Below me is snow. The ground, the trees, the air. Truth be told, the snow is OUTSIDE...and below me is actually a cold hardwood floor and the pair of fuzzy socks I just smooshed off my feet.
Beside me...weenie dogs. No really. Two of the three. Curled up, staying warm, one snoring. Objecting to the cold, snowy reality. And probably waiting to run off with one of my fuzzy socks.

And so it begins. And don't forget to follow my girl, Sheila. She's doing much better at this than me!

Love, Blessings, & Peace.