Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sundays are for lazy...

I spent the entire day in my jammies! read that right...the ENTIRE day. In my jammies. It was wonderful.  He made coffee, he cooked, he cleaned...bliss I tell you. I made a present for small, I wrapped what was left to wrap, I worked a word search. All in my jammies. I can't stop saying that....
Since small spent the night at her besties house last night...we couched out today and watched serial killer movies all day...serial.killer.movies. I asked at one point if I should be worried...was there a psychotic break looming in my future...I got a crooked smile and a meager laugh. I'm not sure that was the answer I was looking for...but since I was in my jammies...I let it go. It was a good day.
And I can officially say that Christmas has arrived at my house. I am done buying, I am done wrapping, I am done. On the 12th of the month. That in itself is a miracle of epic proportions. Now..I just have to get through the parties and the baking...ho ho ho.
If only those magic elves would come and clean my house...and go to the grocery...and fix my truck. THAT would be a great gift from Santa..are you reading this Santa? Please loan me one or two elves...I promise I will return them immediately after Christmas. much do elves eat?
Now would be a great time to mention that Eos is bored. I need something random and creative to work on. Quickly. This wandering around with nothing to do is getting old. All suggestions are welcome....(if I can do it in my jammies...that would be even better!)
Seems like a good place to stop for the evening. I am off to put on jammies and go to bed. Oh wait...I never took them off...have I mentioned that?
Goodnight and God bless.

Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis the season...

The elves have been uber busy this year...and with a few exceptions the finish line is in sight. Who knew it was possible to get everything done before Santa's workshop closed for the year? A few days in the kitchen and I will have this holiday season "wrapped" up....shew. Not a snowfall too soon either...
Things have been slower than normal here of late. Quiet almost. (are you knocking on wood?) Not that I am complaining..with all the upcoming's nice to relax and enjoy these small moments. I have been reflecting alot on the things that I am thankful for...a cozy home, loyal friends, a loving family. Maybe I lose sight of these blessings from time to time....but I do recognize the meaning that they have for me.
I am realizing (as the year ends) that I have been imperfect, impossible, impertinent. I have squandered away gifts that were bestowed upon me. I have come to terms with the anger I have held on to, the betrayals I have manufactured, and the wrongs I have failed to right. I understand that I am hard to live with, harder still to love. I intend to work on that...or die trying.
Maybe it's the Christmas spirit taking over, maybe it's the promise of a new year and a new beginning, maybe it's the cold weather snapping my brain into compliance...whatever the cause...I recognize the effect.
So...we will see what tomorrow brings....a new outlook, acceptance, forgiveness? Or maybe just some snow?
Sounds like a new blog post....
Goodnight and God bless.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homicidal Rage Anyone?...

Let me clear this up right away...I am NOT in the Christmas spirit. I want to be..really I do..but it isn't happening. And you can't make me. I thought I was trying...I went shopping didn't go well. I wanted to buy a gun, camp out in the Christmas section with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and kill anyone that spoke to me. Instead, I came home and put on my pyjamas and wrapped some presents and plotted and schemed and planned my defense. Maybe it's the mood I've been in for the last few days, maybe it's the shitty weather outside, maybe it's the continuing pain in my stomach or the constant disappointments in my life...but I have decided that smothering him with a pillow while he sleeps is rational. (I'm joking about that last part...sort of...a really...completely kidding.)
So there is Christmas. I am buying, I am shopping, I am wrapping. For her, for him, for's fun. I guess. I have lists, I have ideas, I have suggestions. I am a little excited for the homemade gifts I am planning. While I don't see the cost effectiveness of this mindset..I am hoping it will provide some quality time with Small in the kitchen. And WHO couldn't use more quality time? I mean, really? And I am such a joy lately...
Hell, even the dog has noticed. Well....had he not decided to piss on my tree, I could have avoided the beating and given him lots of puppy smooches. As it is...I fear for the gifts that I so delicately and lovingly wrapped. Or for Pissy McWhinesAlot. Yes...I went there.
Oh...and let's discuss finances. Good news A....she's keeping the car. So no car payment for us. Bad news A....she's not making the payments. Correction...she DID make a payment today...but she is still behind...and we all know how confident I am in her skills as a fully functioning adult. Good news B....Eos is popular. I mean busy busy busy popular. Bad news B....Eos doesn't pay shit. I love taking pictures...I would love it more if I was rolling in funds for it. Someone please tell me that eventually this will be a lucrative venture....please. Because the thought of finding a "real job" is NOT appealing to me...ever. So right now the bills are paid (barely), the masses are clothed and fed (thank goodness) and there is a little (and by that I mean small, tiny, minuscule...) left over. I keep hoping that the bank Gods will show me some mercy and "accidentally" misread my account number, thereby depositing a hefty sum of cash. Evidently MY bank is very advanced, thus preventing such errors. Figures.
There are, play along here people, some positives happening in the near future. Positive being a relative term.....positive for me...maybe not so much for others. Remember fire and brimstone? Hell hath no fury? Happy wife, happy life? HA!!! I forsee so much, so much. This ride is gonna be a B.U.M.P.Y one.....could even improve my can't possibly get any worse...right?
Yeah...I'm dreaming.
You know the sign off......