Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday...the second Monday of the week...

So....seems as if I hate Tuesdays too. Today started out much like yesterday...figure the odds. I am starting to think I would be better off to stay in bed with a book and my own thoughts....maybe I will try that.  I just can't see the benefit to getting up, dealing with the day, putting on a happy face....just to find myself weary, hurting, cranky, and back to starting at the beginning. Not that I have a problem with the beginning.
It's been a strange week...full of ups and downs, highs and lows, victories and defeats. And actually...what is considered a victory anymore? Never mind...that is stuff of other blogs.
Had some good alone time today...took a hot bath, went to the grocery (ah, the joys of a quiet grocery and the smell of crabs in Old Bay...yum), read my book. I only took a few doses of painkillers (this is the way I judge my days now....).  I suppose tomorrow will be a day filled with chores of all kinds (cleaning the kitchen, putting laundry away, making beds...the list is endless...). I think I am planning potato soup and homemade bread for dinner. And as I sit here and write this, I decide that a nice walk on the beach might be on the agenda for tomorrow as well. Looks like I will be more than busy enough.
The week does hold some promise for improvement though. I have a photo session on Thursday and a day with family and friends. There is nothing that I enjoy more than time behind the lens of my camera. So I suppose that should give me reason to pause and reflect on my joys. I want to take a moment and discuss....someone called me a "photographer" the other day. I hesitate to call myself that...I am a person who enjoys photography....PhotographER implies knowing what you are doing. Which I clearly do not. I take the use of the word from someone else as a compliment...but in my reality I am merely a girl with a camera. But thank you anyway.
This looks like a good place to end for the evening. Here's hoping that tomorrow finds peace...
Goodnight and God bless.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Again?....

Where does this Monday keep coming from? It blindsides me every time. I think I am ready...but NO...not for Monday. In fact, I have decided that Monday is directly proportionate to Hell. Yep. That's what I have decided.
Not that I really have all that much to complain about I guess.....I slept in this morning (I guess....technically if you are awake until 5am and sleep until 9am does that count as sleeping in?), I ran some errands, I cleaned the kitchen. It's not like I have to DO anything...I'm just mad at Monday for principle. So here I sit blogging about how much I hate Mondays...
It seems as if Monday is directly to blame for my mood. Not the phase of the moon, not the planetary alignments, not the flu that I am fighting off. Monday. It has caused me to be angry, to yell, to cry, to say things that I do truly regret, and to be uncharacteristically mean. Damn you Monday. You are screwing with my life.
But it feels odd to blame a day for my mood. There are much more likely causes.....her, him, them. Oh the list I could make. But, just for the sake of argument, let's go back to blaming Monday. And weirder still is the fact that Monday is not even the first day of the week..it's the second (for those of you keeping track. And don't give me a bunch of historical mumbo jumbo disputing that Monday is actually the first day of the week..this is MY blog.)..seems as if Monday should be less nasty. Figure that the week gets better the closer it gets to ending right? So...by that theory, Sunday should be the worst day..with Monday progressively better. Hmmm.
But wait! Monday IS responsible for Monday Night Football. I stand corrected. I am sorry, Monday. I have hated you today (and many other days)...and I see the error of my ways. I repent. I beg for forgiveness.
Now....what can I hate about Tuesday?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feast or Famine?...

Oh my goodness! Have you missed me? Feels like FOREVER since I've been here...so much has been happening!! I know I asked for a little more excitement....did you catch that? A LITTLE more excitement...not a big truckload of it dumped on the front yard! So, let's get right to it....
Eos has been overwhelmed with requests for photos! Such a blessing. And they keep coming...we have a photo shoot next week, a series of random sets in the upcoming days, and a holiday portrait session in early December. I am truly blessed and thankful that this opportunity has been given to me...and my families have been a true joy. I spent a BUSY weekend in Tennessee with my lovely family and some (newly made) wonderful friends. I cannot begin to describe the joy that I find with them....and this time of year? Oh...the sights were a dream! They had a wonderful photo session and I am looking forward to more time with them very soon. I had the pleasure of capturing some dear children recently...and ah...baby fever has set in. (More on that to follow...) I also received an invitation to attend a gathering of local small businesses run by women...a networking session if you will. What an honor....I am delighted to accept.
I am also looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Now usually, I am the LAST person to say that. No really..and despite the headaches that I foresee I think this year will be interesting. Now, there is alot to say here....don't get me wrong. There have been some strong winds blow through this house...and some upheaval....and some changes. And I am here to tell you that in a matter of days...well...that is a different blog altogether. Suffice it to say that things are about to get increasingly ugly and possibly more difficult.....and the holidays will be the beginning. Aren't YOU excited? ME TOO!!! We will talk about it more later.
So there is another trip south planned soon. You know..a "keep her happy, keep the peace" trip. I wish I could say that it is welcome news....but, well....it's the calm before the storm. I pray for strength and clarity and the ability to remain silent. (It COULD happen.). There will, I have no doubt, be more on this in future blogs.
I have talked before of my stress regarding our finances...and unfortunately I don't see that the light at the end of the tunnel is any brighter, closer, or more attainable. I think we have settled into a comfortable routine, however the poor house is not a fun place to dwell. So...while I am excited about the holidays, I am also realistic enough to know that they will be LEAN ones this year. I think I am reasonably accepting of this fact...I am not sure that Small will be so understanding. Ah...the joys of grown-up-ed-ness. (Sarcasm font).
Oh...and let me just discuss the fact that I have recently been seen by, yet another, physician...in another specialty...to tell me that there isn't anything wrong with me. Thank you so much Oh Great And Powerful Wizard. I am positive that I have never been to medical school...I am also positive that there is something wrong with me. I am also pretty positive on the solution to this problem. The lack of medical school aside....give me a scalpel. Oh and maybe some painkillers (I am after all burning through them pretty quickly.) I got this......so, now I am at a dead end, brick wall, electric barbed wire fence. Looks like I am going to live with constant pain and learn to like it!!!
So.....that seems like an adequate beginning to the chaos of the past few weeks. And as the title of this blog implies..it is all or nothing around here! I will attempt to rectify my spotty blogging history and keep this up to date....my sincerest apologies (and that goes in advance...just in case!!).
As always...keep your hands in the car, your seat backs and tray tables in the upright and locked position, and remain seated until we come to a complete (and undoubtedly sudden) stop. Until then...thanks for coming along!