My Bucket List

01. Travel the World (or at least see America).
02. Learn to Knit and/or Crochet.
03. Learn to Quilt.
04. Get to My Goal Weight. Maintain it.
05. Plant a Garden.
06. Buy a House.  COMPLETED! 10.01.14
07. Grow Out My Hair.
08. Own My Own Studio.
09. Publish A Book.
10. Take My Family To Disney World.
11. Get Married. Someday.  COMPLETED! 11.22.11
12. Learn to Play Golf.
13. Read My Bible Again.
14. Learn to Change A Tire, My Oil, and The Windshield Wipers.
15. Take Photography Classes.
16. Become Involved in School, Community, and Local Politics.
17. Recycle.
18. Learn to Speak Norwegian.
19. Experience a Christian Louboutin Boutique.
20. Spend a Day Practicing Random Acts of Kindness.
21. Take a Cooking Class.
22. Go to Mardi Gras. Get Beads.
23. Learn to Play the Piano. Let My Mom Be My Teacher.
24. Join or Start a Book Club.
25. Go to The Kentucky Derby. Wear a Great Hat.
26. Visit Norway. Bicycle the Countryside.
27. Research and Discover My Ancestry. Create a Family Tree.
28. Play Poker in Vegas.
29. Host a Dinner Party.
30. Go Shopping in Paris.
31. Tour Savannah Georgia.
32. Gather Favorite Family Recipes. Create a Cookbook.
33. Earn a Master's Degree.
34. Go On a Safari.
35. Swim With Dolphins.
36. Celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary (or as close as we can get!)
37. See a Lantern Festival.